Operation Back Yard  -  Scholarship Donated


     Operation Backyard was a project to help clean up an old courtyard at the University of Utah’s College of Pharmacy in Salt Lake City, UT (where I went to grad school).  The courtyard was old and run down.  No one used it.  I led a campaign to renew the courtyard and raise funds for a scholarship.  I convinced the college and all the appropriate University elements (many of them!) that this project would exceed expectations. 

     The class did all the demolition and clean up and we sold many bricks to be engraved!  I developed the business plan, made the order forms, AND engraved everything.  We hired a professional paver company to reinstall the bricks and finish the job.  The courtyard is new again and it is used everyday! 

     We raised enough money to pay for the entire project and then donated the rest, a significant amount of money, to start a revolving endowed scholarship fund as a gift from my class.  The money is managed and each year a student receives a scholarship from the “Class of 2006 Service Scholarship Fund”.  Any student who demonstrates exemplary service to the College, Community or Nation will qualify for the scholarship.  Awards are given to deserving students on an annual basis and will do so forever!  I am currently the scholarship fund manager.

     I can handle small jobs to running the operations.  Call with questions and ideas.

Clean-up Project - Fund Raiser - Community involvement - Giving Back

June 2006