Proud Sponsor


Two years running - was proud to sponsor the 2011 & 2012 Fire Life Cycling MS150 Bike Ride Team.  Each registered member of the team received a free logo emblazoned glass to drink their favorite cold beverage of choice from after the ride!  Thanks to Art and Rafael at for assisting with this project!  Click here to check out the video!!! was proud to design and donate two custom engraved mugs to the 2011 Second Annual Premiere Speed Bag Event held in Keyport, NJ - SPEED B.A.G. II.  These mugs were held up at a silent auction to raise money for the Monmouth County Miracles Foundation.  There was a fierce bidding war and I’m proud to say that the two custom mugs brought in over $210!!  Way to go Speed Baggers!!!  (

June 16, 2011  --  Speed Bag II

The Blasting Cabinet, on behalf of the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy Residency Class of 2007, donated a 24”x18”x1/2” glass plaque with the Mayo Clinic emblem engraved.  This plaque now adorns the entry way to the Department of Pharmacy.  I am very proud to have completed my residency at Mayo Clinic, to be a part of the Mayo Clinic Family, and to have our gift approved to be displayed so prominently.

June 2007  --  Gift to Mayo Clinic

The Blasting Cabinet assisted in creating an endowed scholarship fund while rebuilding a state university brick courtyard.  I engraved and personalized hundreds of bricks to rejuvenate this area.  The project paid for itself and all proceeds were donated back to the College of Pharmacy.  We raised a lot of money -- so much that each year our scholarship gives money to a deserving student who demonstrates qualities of leadership and service to the community, state or nation.  A stipulation includes that any descendant of the Class of 2006 who wants to go to school there automatically gets the scholarship!!  Check out the link Operation Backyard for more details!

June 2006  --  Scholarship Money Donated

Speed BAG III July 2012, Wounded Warrior Fire Pit April 2012 , Toxicology Showdown Mug March 2012 enjoys sponsoring events and groups.  This has been a busy year!